Progressive women and male allies fighting back against Trump in Madison, WI, through activism, advocacy and volunteering

Who We Are

In 1919, Wisconsin became the first state to ratify the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote.

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Almost a century later, we're banding together to channel that same pioneering spirit in the fight against racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia and fascism.

Who is Team 19?

We're progressive women and male allies fighting for our values during Trump's administration. While our activism tackles national issues, we're also focused on Wisconsin, and specifically on Dane County and the city of Madison. Want to know more? Get in touch.

What are our values?

As a group, we voted to focus primarily on women's rights, economic equality, racial equality and the environment, but we also advocate for a variety of progressive, liberal causes.

How do we seek change?


We send a thorough, organized and user-friendly email every Monday, featuring a curated set of the most effective actions, resources and events, so you can stay on top of local, state and national activism. See an example below, and .


We run a Facebook group for more rapid-fire response and sharing updated information, and to serve as a forum for Team 19 members.


Team 19's executive committee also:

  • arranges group events (including workshops and social activism events)
  • organizes participation in rallies and protests
  • coordinates volunteer opportunities with local organizations and nonprofits

Join Us

Do what you can, when you can, and know you're not alone.

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Team 19 supports activism in three primary ways: our weekly newsletter, our Facebook group, and public events. See details about the first two below, and view a list of our coming events here.

Digital Newsletter

Our main vehicle for communication is our weekly newsletter, which includes:

  • 5-minute actions (petitions, social media actions, emails, etc.)
  • Volunteer opportunities and activist events in Dane County, WI
  • Resources and readings
  • "Thank You" suggestions
  • Weekly scripts for calling local and national government representatives
  • Team 19 updates
  • and more.

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Facebook Group

We couldn't do what we do without our growing Facebook community. You'll find us sharing weekly calls-to-action and phone scripts, urgent news, tips and last-minute events.

We vet new members to help ensure safety and civility, and we monitor posts to avoid duplication or overload (meaning you don't have to worry about an onslaught of pings flooding your notification feed).

While it doesn't replace the wealth of information in the Team 19 digital newsletter, it's a great place to get your daily dose of activism. Join us!


Team 19-hosted workshops, social events, presentations and more.

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Come down to Vilas Park on July 29th for a free community event, co-hosted by Team 19

What: A picnic! Featuring food, kids games/activities, whiffle ball, Free Farmer’s Market*, Free Yard Sale*, and information about the co-sponsoring organizations and how to get involved.

When: Saturday, July 29th from 4:00pm-7:00pm

Where: At Vilas Park near the non-shoe playground (close to basketball court, off of Van Buren St.)

Why: To celebrate what we’ve accomplished, socialize with the community and others doing great work and explore potential for collaboration.

*In the Free Farmer’s Market and Free Yard Sale, attendees can bring their extra garden bounty and unwanted household items to contribute to a communal table, from which everyone is free to take whatever they’d like. Extras will be donated.


Protests, rallies, volunteering, calls to action, and community events in and near Dane County, Wisconsin

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Latest Newsletter

Emailed every Monday from Team 19 co-chairs Kate + Hilary

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